November 8 – December 8, 2019
The Temporary Space of Sifang Art Museum in Tongren Road, Shanghai, China

Installation view of LI JINGXIONG X NIK KOSMAS, The Temporary Space of Sifang Art Museum in Tongren Road, Shanghai, China, 2019
Photo: LUNG

Sifang Art Museum’s new space in Lane 314, Tongren Road in Shanghai could be both the representation of Shanghai’s neighborhood culture and the witness of modern history. The series of art pieces displayed here by Li Jingxiong (b. 1987) and Nik Kosmas (b. 1985) discussed the circulatory system all together, whether it is psychological, physical or sociological.

The exhibition hall constructed by 3 rooms will display: sculptures about sex theme, new made rings, black slogans, and paintings with weird smiles. They are both a rehearsal of the work and point to the dark side of the Tongren Road section itself. The Tongren Road section is historically a city space with a strong colonial meaning, to a certain extent it is also a place outside the law. The dark side of sex (such as pornography) is the spatial attribute of the section at that time. Sexual awareness and discussion have always run through Li Jingxiong’s artistic creations, while Kosmas’s works often discuss some words about the circulation of the reproductive system. The works of these two artists have a dialogue together with the history and reality of this space, which makes them connected.